If you had just one year to live…

If you had only one year to live, would you spend it with the person you are with now? Wait…don’t answer yet; think about it for a few seconds………………..

Did you actually think about it? If not, stop reading now and really think about that question. Sure, you may love the other person; they may be the father or mother of your children. They may have supported you through the years, been a great friend, a dependable confidant. But, if you had just one year&#151and you knew for a fact that your life would be over&#151would you elect to spend those remaining three-hundred-sixty-five days on the planet married to (or living with) the same person? Or, would you make some changes.

Would you decide to seek out someone nicer? Would you like to be with someone that doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. Maybe you’d like to be with someone that does. Does being with someone that shares more of what you believe appeal to you? Do you want someone that more enjoys sex? Someone that likes to hike…likes to exercise? Maybe a sports nut. Or someone that dislikes sports and would rather sit on the porch and read. Needless to say, the list is endless; but, the point is this: Why, for the rest of your life&#151be it one year, six years, or sixty years&#151would you stay with someone you do not want to be with? Why?

I’m not talking about obligation here. That’s not a reason to stay with someone; it diminishes you and the other person to do so. You and that other person deserve more respect than that. I am talking about your right…your obligation…your opportunity to be as happy as you can possibly be on this earth. You have one shot at this thing; why not make it your best.

And, while you’re at it, ask yourself another question: If you knew you weren’t going to be alive a year from now&#151but, you were going to wake up tomorrow employed doing something&#151 would it be doing what you are doing now? Would you continue as a salesperson, an architect, a plumber, a doctor? If not…stop. Be what you want to be, or as close to it as you possibly can; because, for all you know, you have just one year to live. Or, two years, or six years, or sixty years. Remember, the past is over for all of us, the future is promised to none. All you know you have is today. Make today what you want it to be. Wouldn’t it be better to die in the midst of being what you want to be, or at least trying, or on your way, rather than be doing something or being with someone you don’t want?

Try thinking about your life and desires in smaller increments. Sure, we all need to plan, put money away for college, save for a house; but, along the way, make damn sure you try your best to be happy, not just okay. If you make a bad choice, don’t live with it…FIX IT.

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