Better off alive?

So…here’s the deal. I woke this morning to a text from a friend saying, “We got the bastard.” I had no idea to what he was referring, until I—while checking Google news—saw that President Obama the night before had announced Osama bin Laden died in an attack.

“This isn’t good,” I announced to no one. I have long maintained that we are better off with bin Laden in hiding, ineffective, and incapable, rather than a martyr. His death, it seems to me, screams for retaliation by those sufficiently misguided to believe they now must join him, or at the very least, exact retaliation.

Dancing in the streets over the death of any leader, maniacal or otherwise, should be beneath us and is certainly ill-advised. With the U.S. these days intimidating just about every country not embracing Christianity, and perceived by many as the global-bully, our childish reaction to bin Laden’s demise does little more than provide those teaching their youth to hate us instructional material.

I’m just saying…

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