Andr&#232 Gide was right.

A favorite author of mine, André Gide, wrote a few years before he died in Paris about change: “Through loyalty to the past, our mind refuses to realize that tomorrow’s joy is possible only if today’s makes way for it; that each wave owes the beauty of its line only to the withdrawal of the preceding one.”

Case in point: Last night’s thoroughly enjoyable Concert on the Green at Lighthouse Sound, just across the bay from Ocean City, Maryland. Lighthouse Sound is a renowned golf course on a peninsula between Assawoman Bay (go figure) and the St. Martin River. My wife and I, until last night, had instead attended the every-Thursday-night-during-the-summer concerts in Ocean Pines for several years. It was a tradition with us. This year&#151mostly because a friend of mine who also religiously attended moved to Florida (we’d smoke cigars, drink wine, enjoy whatever band was playing, and challenge each other on song titles and lyrics for old tunes)&#151decided to give the Thursday night gathering at Lighthouse a try. (What is about Thursday nights?) Tom Rourke and his daughter, Kim (owners of Lighthouse and several other courses), put together great events and Concert on the Green is definitely one of ‘em.

Imagine this: Just off the 7th green is a gazebo where the band sets up. There’s a tiki bar (actually on wheels and brought in for the night, but it does the trick), some tables and chairs on the lawn between the 7th green and the clubhouse, a half-dozen or so tiki torches, and a guy grilling hamburgers, hotdogs and such (certainly not bargain priced, but worth it). They bring out a bag of putters, throw some balls on the putting green that’s between the 7th green and the clubhouse, and the kids (mostly) putt around and have fun (the boys, of course, usually take advantage of the opportunity to play in the practice bunker). Because it’s a golf course and our every-growing nanny state hasn’t yet made it illegal to smoke, I was even able to light up a CAO, sip red wine, and pretend I was back in the early ‘60s when this was a truly free country. All while listening to fun music, nice people, and the Ocean City skyline as a backdrop. Wow.

The concerts in Ocean Pines were (and are still, I suppose) nice. However, like a receding wave making way for a new one, the Thursday night concerts at Lighthouse are a refreshing change. I can’t wait for next Thursday!

Hey, does your golf club do things like this? If so, tell me about them, I’d love to hear.

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