I’m a fiction writer (mostly short stories for now). One day, I hope to read a review of my writing in which a critic accuses me of trying to sound like a cross between Charles Baxter and Richard Bausch (I should be so lucky!).

I was an investment advisor for over twenty-five years and had several non-fiction, finance-type magazine articles published; however, as a fiction writer I’m still cutting my teeth writing short stories, hoping I can get a few published in a literary journal or two (or three, or four…). If you know anyone at Glimmer Train put in a good word for me, huh?

Luckily, my life isn’t just waiting for the almost daily delivery of lit mag rejection letters. I am working on what I hope will be my first fiction novel, based on the true story of an unsolved crime involving a classmate of mine&#151a charming, drooly, tall, blond hair, blue-eyed girl, eighteen years old, found dead, her wrists and feet bound, along a cold, barren, stretch of a seldom used road that runs along the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I grew up, her body sufficiently decomposed that her supposed pregnancy and cause of death could not be determined. Shocked family and friends said she had no enemies&#151obviously, they missed one.

I enjoy writing stories about couples, marriage, and marital discourse (or, as Brian Doyle, a superb essayist, called such matrimonial turmoil in an essay of his by the same name, Irreconciliable Dissonance). I find cohabitation issues interesting, because while written about as if something out of the ordinary, they really aren’t. Anyway…enjoy!!